Talking about stone



Stone is one of the first materials that was used by mankind for survival purposes. It was used for various matters, as building material, weapons, etc. Nowdays, stone, with modern treatment techniques, has become, from a survival material, a building, decoration, plating, proofing material, giving special aesthetics result. Stone was always useful troughout history, with men finding various ways to use it. This happens today also, with modern cutting techniques, so stone can be used in more ways than before. Stone nowdays can be used for indoor and outdoor floors, pavements, wall plating, roof construction and even building a whole house.





Usefulness of stone.



Stone is a very useful material, due to its hardness and the proofing that causes against natural environment conditions, as moisture, cold, heat, ice. Stone is better for proofing than many other proofing methods. Stone is the strongest building material, compared to others. More, its natural beauty, the choises of different colors and the luxury that gives to every structure, gives stone the advantage to be combined in harmony with other materials and the natural environment. That is why experts as well as civilians from around the world choose stone as the main material for house building. Stone is not defaced over time, and the maintenance is easy. Even more, stone has non-slip surface, redusing the risk of accidents, making it suitable for floors, indoors and outdoors. The fact thar countries like Germany or Holland, that are hit hard by environmental contitions, are building more and more with stone, is not a random fact. 

We can be sure that stone faces a new era, that gives the opportunity to combine the Hellenic tradition with modern architecture.

2011 Pilio Stones