As we have many years of experience, combined with modern managment, we can provide the best product quality and can suggest modern solutions and ideas for decorating, aiming to the best result and customer satisfaction. Our team members are expert stone craftsmen, providing unique results in every construction.

We can provide a great variety of stone shapes, sizes and colors, as we have great stock of natural Pelion stones.

We provide stone for stone plating, paving, roofs, fireplaces, sidewalks, walls and everything else thar requires stone. We also have a variety of BBQs, stone founts, and other made of stone products that you can find at our exhibition points. We also provide the delivery of our products to your place.

Our goal is the trust of our customers, so we work hard to please all tastes. Our many years of experience and knowlege of stones, makes us proud of our products and services.

2011 Pilio Stones